The most wonderful lady cleans our house but I work from home and feel so rude/awkward sitting at my desk while she cleans the bathrooms so I:
  1. Hang in Starbucks with my laptop
    I don't drink coffee so I usually buy some stupid beverage and don't drink it
  2. Go grocery shopping
    If her car is still in the driveway when I get home I go park around the corner until she leaves
  3. Eat tuna tacos and drink a glass of wine at the local seafood place
    This makes me feel even guiltier
  4. Sit in my car in the parking lot of Panera
    Eat chicken frontega sandwich and read listapp or mess around on the internet
  5. Wander round TK Maxx or Homegoods
    Buy sh*t I don't need to clutter up the house