The large bathtub in our house was probably 70% of the reason I insisted it was just the right house for us.
  1. Hot water and moisturizing bubble bath
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    Don't want those skin cells to dry out
  2. A glass of chilled champagne
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    A glass of Sauvignon Blanc will do in a pinch
  3. A delicious snack
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    This evening I am enjoying cheese on toast. The ideal bath snack is relatively quick to prepare (start to draw your bath while making your snack without the fear of overflowing) and doesn't require silverware.
  4. Music
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    Adele is keeping me company tonight
  5. Low light
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    Candles or lights on a dimmer, can ceiling lights are the worst.
  6. Reading material
    A good book or @list
  7. A large towel waiting on the heated towel rack
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  8. Freshly-washed/still-warm-from-the-dryer PJs and sheets
  9. Not directly related: should you choose to take any pictures in the bath beware of small reflections in shiny surfaces. A strategically placed towel can spare your blushes.