Here are some weird/interesting jobs I held between the ages of 19-22.
  1. Police line-up stand-in
    At school there was a poster to sign up to be the alternates in police line-ups. Sadly there weren't too many suspected criminals aged 20, 5 foot 5 with short brown hair so I only got to do it twice. Paid very well. It was a a little disconcerting to show up to the pick up point and see 10 doppelgängers. The suspect was allowed to reject people.
  2. All day breakfast diner general dogsbody
    Didn't work out so well, they were mad that I washed the frying pan saying that the accumulated grease was responsible for the taste of the food.
  3. Special Events Security Officer
    Initially at Sheffield Wednesday football club while I was at school, they needed a certain number of female officers in case of a streaker or an incident in the ladies restroom. We got to wear big fluorescent padded jackets and yell at people who didn't have their season ticket books ready for inspection
  4. Waitress at coffee shop in garden center
    The people I worked with were great. The owners were mean and weird and would come and sort through the trash at the end of the day to check there wasn't anything edible being thrown out. 2-3 day old baked potatoes would be rescued, "Waste!!!! We'll eat these for our dinner!!!"
  5. Influenza virus cataloguing
    After graduation I signed up to a scientific temp agency, and was placed at a vaccine pharma company. Vanessa and Steve and I worked in a MASSIVE warehouse filled with huge freezers. One of us would hold the lid open, one would hang down in the freezer and shout out the labels on the GIANT glass jars like 'Taiwan H3N2' or 'Hong Kong 1968', and one would write them down. The expectation was 3 weeks for completion. We were done in 1 and just sat on top of the freezers chatting for the 2nd week.
  6. Live virus processing line
    After finishing up the flu virus freezer project, the temp agency had a request to move us to the manufacturing area. For 2 weeks we'd suit up in crazy protective suits like astronauts and pick up tiny little vials of live yellow fever virus. The manufacturing line wasn't long enough and the containers were open and would spill if you didn't catch them. We had communication systems in our helmets and it was a pretty easy job.
  7. Influenza quality control
    My final placement at the vaccine company was 'candling' random chicken eggs that were incubating the flu virus for vaccines. You'd shine a light through the egg shell to make sure the chicken embryo was still alive. If it had died you were supposed to put them in a pile destined for the autoclave. I used to get into trouble for putting eggs in the freezer marked 'prob dead but not sure' I figured it would be better to go to sleep in the freezer than accidentally burned to death.