1. Maybe it's raining?
  2. Nope, not raining, noises must be teeny tiny scratchy little feet with claws
  3. It's burrowing, digging down through the ceiling, coming to get me.
  4. Um, not so tiny, actually that sounds like a large dog running back and forth above my head
  5. A single colony contains no less than 20 animals.
    Why? Why would you google this?? They're coming for me
  6. How will we get them out?
  7. The closet insulation project sealed up the access to the attic
  8. It's Christmas, no one will come look at the attic
  9. Maybe it's just visiting for the night?
    Like a squirrel air bnb?
  10. What if they find a way down into the bedroom and eat our faces off while we sleep?
  11. What if it's like the time there was a flying squirrel in our bedroom and Paul threw a slipper at it and it froze and I trapped it in a box?
  12. I love Maine, the critters not so much