I love seeing movies. Especially by my self. This is a list in progress and will possibly have spoilers.
  1. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story
    I was very hesitant to go see this one because I'm still fairly new to the Star Wars fandom and I really just don't like change. However, I actually really did like the story. I L O V E D the diversity. Loved. Loved. Loved it. I thought the hint at a romantic relationship was a dumb extra layer that didn't need to be there but I like how we saw how the Death Star plans were given to Leia to help the Resistance.
  2. La La Land
    I have actually seen this twice. The first time with a friend and a second time I went to a late night showing on discount day. I really enjoyed this story. I love how in the end, they didn't need each other. They were both great to and for each other but in the end they both got to love their dream and were happy. I mean, sure, he's still probz in love with her but there are other "Mia's" in his fictional world, I'm sure.
  3. Moonlight
    I loved how it was not a stereotypical "hood" movie. It totally went against the grain. There was a vulnerability to the movie that gutted me. Similar to "Lion" but not for the exact same reasons. I really hope this wins some Oscars this month. UPDATE: omg. That "Best Picture" WIN. Forever memorable.
  4. Get Out
    Maybe B+. I love spoilers & rarely regret spoiling things for myself but in this case I regret 100% spoiling the entire plot. I was pleasantly surprised by Jordan Peel because I only know of his work with "Key and Peel". I wasn't sure if it would all just be a big joke. It was not. It was smartly written & because I knew what was going to happen, I saw all of the foreshadowing. However, I do think that clouded my experience when watching it for the first time. That's okay. I still enjoyed it.
  5. Pretty sure I saw movies somewhere in between March 2017 and July 2017 by myself but I forgot to document. Oops.
  6. Dunkirk
    The picture says it all. I loved this story. Also, the fact that their was minimal dialogue. The characters really were developed well and the acting was superb. I loved how time was not exactly linear when telling the story. I had never heard of a story like that from WWII before- not like I'm an historian or expert on WWII by any means. I cried. Will probably own when it comes out on DVD.
  7. Baby Driver
    My second Edgar Wright film to have seen. I saw "Shaun of the Dead" last semester for a film class of mine and enjoyed it. So talented. The soundtrack was killer and that Ansel Elgort is so dang charming. I love Kevin Spacey in pretty much everything I see him in. I liked seeing Lily Whatsername from "Cinderella" and "Downton Abbey" in something different. Also, they used an actual dead actor for a supporting role??? 💯. Would see again if I hadn't waited so long to see it the first time around.