Real answers to that bullshit question people ask to 'get to know you better'. More recently, one of the first questions asked of your match on Tinder and other dating apps. Look out gentlemen, I'm single.
  1. Lie around my house without pants
  2. Watch movies
  3. Clean my kitchen
    It's always dirty
  4. Take care of my plants
    It involves a lot of staring and water
  5. Read
    Yeah, I read.
  6. Home exercise
    A modified version of gym exercise that involves me picking up various objects around my house repetitively (laundry, detergent, chairs), lunge walking to the bathroom, and jumping jacks while watching Jeopardy.
  7. Walking around
    But usually towards some destination like a thrift store or to get wine.
  8. Drinking wine
    Goes with cheese
  9. Eating cheese
    Goes with wine