1. The Big Three Podcast
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    This is the ongoing saga of The Perry Project. Spanning 25 years, including a movie (Windy City Heat), live shows, a cable access show, and now this podcast, it never disappoints. Officially, they are no longer making episodes, but that has happened before. Run through the back log and decide for yourself; is Scary Perry gay? Yes. Most definitely, yes.
  2. Simply Don: The Podcast
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    Don, also the host of The Big Three Podcast, hosts a rotating cast of outsiders and weirdos. Featuring guests from his weekly comedy show, The Ding Dong Show, as well as comedians and friends, it is a constant barrage of strange characters with strange quirks. Skip the episodes with Vince. He's such a bore.
  3. The Bone Zone Podcast
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    Brendon Walsh and Randy Liedtke, two veteran comedians and pranksters, weave an intricate web of absurd jokes and outlandish antics. Also, they are two of the finest prank callers the world has ever known. If nothing else, listen to the episodes featuring Johnny Pemberton. Mouse milk.
  4. Tell Em' Steve Dave
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    2 of Kevin Smith's oldest friends, Bryan Johnson and Walt Flannigan, and Brian Quinn, of Impractical Jokers fame, wax philosophical about political correctness, current events, comics, and Hitler. A free flowing convo that ranges from witty banter to games to hate fueled rants, the topics are broad and outrageous. Army Ants UNITE!
  5. Your Mom's House Podcast
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    Comedy's funniest couple, Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitsky, cover topics ranging from poop, farts, poop, denim, porn, poop, farts, and current events. They have been credited with discovering some of youtube's most polarizing figures. Jeans up, you know what I'm saying?