Sometimes it sounds like they have bronchitis. But in a good way.
  1. Lucinda Williams
    Now I've got "Essence" on repeat.
  2. Adam Yauch
    His gruffness balanced out the other Beasties. I always memorized his verses first.
  3. Hamilton Leithauser of The Walkmen
    *I* need a lozenge after listening to "The Rat."
  4. Huey Lewis
    Exemplified by the intro/"I used to be a renegade... I used to fool around" of "Hip to be Square."
  5. Kelly Jones of Stereophonics
    Yes, I did a semester abroad in London in 2000. It makes more sense now, right?
  6. Rachael Yamagata
    She's just so good. She works up to a great growl around the 3:50 mark of "Paper Doll."
  7. Britt Daniel of Spoon
    Always raspy, spectacularly so on Gimme Fiction.
  8. Julian Casablancas
    "What Ever Happened" is as good an example as "Last Nite."
  9. Brody Dalle
    See pretty much everything she's ever been a part of.
  10. Marcus Mumford
    See entire catalog. A beautifully unpredictable voice. He offers both gentle wavers and rough edges.
  11. Karen Dalton
    Sounds like some sort of Appalachian Billie Holiday
    Suggested by @samboyd