I am a new-ish parent. My daughter Riley is two. She is a wonderful maniac. (This is a list request from the wonderful @hillarykerr, so all suggestions welcome.)
  1. Enthusiasm gets you everywhere
    "Broccoli for dinner!! We are SO LUCKY to get to eat this! I can't believe they even let us buy this at the grocery store. Broc-co-LI! Broc-co-LI!!"
  2. Getting up and going to bed at roughly the same time is good
    Even on weekends. My child/alarm clock has me on a 6:30 am rise / 10ish pm turn in schedule and it's given me actually more sleep than I got pre-kid.
  3. A heads up on things is always appreciated
    "In about 30 minutes we're going to school." "No." ... "In about 20 minutes we're going to school." "No." ... "In about 5 minutes we're going to school. Get your coat" "... OK." (This method has been applied at work, like, a LOT.)
  4. Food is food
    In an attempt to get my picky eater miniperson to ingest an appropriate amount of calories I have extended the definitions for breakfast to include: grilled chicken, a fig newton and mashed potatoes. Food is food.
  5. Everything is terrible when you're tired
    Take a nap.
  6. There can be joy in the commonplace
    My sweet daughter says "Ooooh look-ed-DAT" at, like, everything. Books. Dogs. Signs. Every item in the grocery store. A paper bag. And she's right. We should all have that Louis CK-Appreciating-The-Wonder-of-Flight feeling more often.