1. Wearing a pencil skirt and pretending I live a life like a character from Mad Men
  2. Used copies of short stories by Carson McCullers at The Strand
  3. The Strand
  4. Drinking at any damn hour of the day
  5. The smell of the subway at the Fulton Street stop
  6. Impossibly long legs and eyelashes in Soho
  7. Angry Bermudan nannies
  8. Men
  9. My ex-husband
  10. Gnocchi from Zabars
  11. The Chipped Cup in Washington Heights
  12. Magazines and Kit Kat bars in Grand Central
  13. Feeling powerful and young and sexy
  14. Lavender Fabuloso and Cuban music
  15. The Corner Bistro
  16. Comedy nights in The Village
  17. Old Jewish ladies on the crosstown bus
  18. The satisfying click of the subway turnstyles
  19. Everything