Mostly in order.
  1. Showered
    I usually shower at night. I hate thinking about all the hair that I have collected on my clothes. (Especially my BRA!)
  2. Commuted 9 minutes on my bike
    Sorry Carlos I accidentally ran a yellow light, but I wassss wearing my helmet!
  3. Colored and cut my friend's hair
    She just broke up with her dude and it was definitely time for a revamp. Yass!! (Btw she used to dance for The Warriors.)
  4. Went to my follow up allergy appt.
    Yep. I was right. I'm allergic to everything! Well not everything, but a lot of stuff! Other than cats and dogs, mold is a real big bummer for me. I will soon embark on a yeast free diet to see how bad my allergy actually effects me.
  5. Grabbed lunch
    I went to The Market on Market on my way back to the salon and decided on Azalina's. I walked over the bakery section and bought two freshly made cookies and got a third for free! Nom. Nom.
  6. Worked on some more clients
    Men. Women. Color. Cut. Blow outs. Conditioning treatments. I do all of it and I love it!
  7. Ran 3 miles on treadmill
    I went to the FitnessSF in the newer Twitter building for the first time. I'm already a member at the SOMA location but decided to upgrade to this one. It's so straight in there!
  8. Biked home
    Legs were weirdly not fatigued. I was so happy I remembered my bike lights.
  9. Showered
    The hair being all over me thing really gets to me. Oh and I got really sweaty from the run.
  10. House shoes
    I immediately put these on whenever I get home. I LOVE HOUSE SLIPPERS!
  11. Ate dinner
    Two pb&j sammies with some coconut water really hit the spot.
  12. Typical house things
    Hung out with my hedgehog. Went through stupid snail mail. Dishes. Folded laundry. (I hate folding!) Woke Carlos up and peeled him off the couch.
  13. Nightly ritual
    Take out contacts. Wash face. Brush/floss. Apply MI paste. Moisturize face. Eye drops Braid or brush hair. Read either .5 or 1 whole page of GOT.
  14. SLEEP