Here are a few for now, but I'm forgetting about 2472945716 more items. This list will never be complete...EVERRR.
  1. Do NOT underestimate the involvement of your attorney.
  2. Make a business plan.
  3. Be as realistic as you can when making a budget. Numbers never lie.
  4. Remember you are opening a business that just happens to be a hair salon.
  5. Make sure you have really great support. This can be made up of family, friends, or just a few awesome clients.
  6. Donuts, flaming hot cheetos, and coconut water will keep you fueled. Oh and throw in some Memphis Minnie's in there once in a while for protein!
  7. Talk to anyone and everyone that will listen. You can learn a lot from the most random peeps.
  8. Utilize your network. Seriously. People waaaant to help.
  9. Don't be afraid to ask your "network" to invest. The worst that can happen is a "no."
  10. Find a way to decompress. This can be done by reading trashy mags, hittin up the truffle guy at DOPA, booze, or watching shows from the glorious CW.
  11. Dancing is ALWAYS a good idea. Running is up there too! (Did I mention I'm training for a half marathon?)
  12. Location, location, location.
  13. Find out details about every salon you know about and even the ones you don't. How many stylist? What products do they carry? Do they offer online booking? Prices?
  15. Hire a designer that will not disappear after one meeting and only emerge from his/her "cave" when only he/she thinks it's appropriate.
  16. Make sure everything you do, when it comes to building anything, has a contract attached to it. Preferably, discussed and signed prior to any start of work.
  17. Hire nice. Hire passionate.
  19. To be continued...