EVP, Business Director at Arc, Karuna Rawal, spoke at the Leaders and Daughters event in Chicago on International Women's Day. Here are three takeaways she has for young women as they navigate their careers.
  1. Have the courage to rewrite the rules that may be holding you back.
    Figure out your passion and channel your inner fearless 10-year-old. Choose to lead, run, play, dance or throw like a girl.
  2. Use every opportunity to learn and grow.
    Build a solid foundation, but then explore. The career path of tomorrow is more likely to be a jungle gym than a ladder, so look for those sideways and even downward rungs that may teach you new skills. Each is a chapter in your journey. And when you stop learning, move on.
  3. Pay it forward.
    Whether it's reversing a loss in confidence in young girls or helping female leaders achieve their full potential, it can seem daunting. But as "Not Impossible" author Mick Ebeling says, "Helping one helps many." Each of us can do today with our daughters, our mentees, our managers and our employees or just that one new mom on your team. Find that one story you can help rewrite. Because together we can all help change the world one girl at a time.