A Retail Innovation Expert Names 5 Trends He Expects to See at Globalshop

Nick Jones, EVP, Innovation and Growth at Leo Burnett/Arc, shares his predictions. Learn more about what to expect from Globalshop 2016 here: http://arcww.com/article/arc-presents-the-must-have-guide-to-globalshop-/
  1. Frictionless Commerce
    Making a purchase is moving beyond the register to kiosks, smartphones, cars, appliances and more.
  2. Customer Service
    Customer service is being redefined by robots, social platforms and human-less experiences.
  3. Endless Aisle
    People will gain greater access to an endless array of products through increased connections between online and offline worlds.
  4. Personalization
    Retailers and brands with increased access to data will create more tailored communications delivered in contextually relevant ways throughout the shopper journey.
  5. Location
    Retailers and brands will capitalize on location-aware smartphones to deliver tailored location-relevant information to enhance shopping experiences for connected consumers.