The creation of the Cannes Predictions list involves a yearlong evaluation of brand work that reflect industry-driving trends. Leo Burnett’s analysis arrived at the following six trends from the past year. Check out the full list of the top 25 pieces of work in our profile.
  1. From innovation to invention
    The impact of technology has been the biggest theme to emerge from Cannes over the past ten years. Technology has touched everything from media to production and everything in between, but this year we’re seeing that innovation is happening in the form of invention.
  2. How many impressions make an impression?
    There’s no question that the role news media plays in amplifying brand communications has taken prominence in recent years. The number of ‘impressions’ an activation earns is included in nearly every case study at Cannes, and more brands are leveraging real news events to amplify their efforts. As such, we’re seeing more blockbuster ideas that depend wholly on the muscle of earned media to make their mark.
  3. Unicorns as media
    Madison Avenue is connecting with Silicon Valley in fresh ways, as emerging platforms become new creative canvases. Expect to see more inventive collaborations between brands and tech disruptors, as agencies begin to leverage their potential. The Art Institute of Chicago “Van Gogh BnB” is one example of how brands are finding new partners to execute ideas that wouldn’t have been possible just five years ago.
  4. Make it personal
    With greater opportunities to tailor product and messaging for consumers, customization is a topic marketers are working to tackle across the board. One manifestation of this is in customized content — not necessarily a new idea, but one that’s finally seeing its potential through work like the Beats by Dre “Straight Outta Compton” effort, which demonstrates that giving people the right tools to participate can turn them into your greatest evangelists.
  5. Authentic truth
    REI’s “#OptOutside” demonstrates the power of a bold act from a brand embracing its true self and living its own truth. This brave act tells you everything you need to know about who they are, why they exist and how they live their values 24/7. It’s what America has an insatiable appetite for. After all, the truth isn’t the truth until people believe you.
  6. The art of storytelling by animation
    The Pixar-esque quality of the Spanish Lottery film "Justino" has captured the hearts of the industry, with its resounding success at all the major award shows to date. This exquisite moving animated film is one of a few gracing the big screen at Cannes this year. "ShottaSoCo" from Southern Comfort borrows from the art of Taiwanese animation to weave this phrase into the vernacular. "Paper" by Honda is stop-frame animation of the highest order, bringing to life thousands of illustrations.