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To me, happiness is a lifestyle that you must choose but there are a lot of little "happiness boosters" you encounter in daily life. Here are some of mine...
  1. The smell of a new pair of sneakers
  2. My first cup of coffee with my first smoke of the day
    As the sun rises,I sit on my patio with flowers blooming all around me and the birds chirping
  3. The taste of a cold beer on a hot summer day
    Especially after you finish mowing the yard
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In no specific order...
  1. Black Sabbath "We Sold Our Soul For Rock'N'Roll"
    A must have album that blew my mind the first time I heard it
  2. Korn
    Jonathan Davis...nuf said
  3. Van Morrison "Moondance"
    A side of me I didn't know I had
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It's funny how priorities change as you scroll through and go further back in time to look at your photos.
  1. 5FDP autographs
    I got to meet and greet them at Carolina Rebellion this year and I guess I felt the need to take a pic hell I don't know.
  2. Flamingo in a seat belt
    I fell in love with this guy and ordered him online but when I got him his toe had broke off! Had to get him to a welder safely.
  3. A woodpecker
    Heard a knock at the door one morning and this is who I found. Well hello to you too lil dude!
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