The TV show is what I'm talking about here.
  1. Hot lips
    As a feminist, I hate to say this about the only major (pun intended) female character on the show, but Margaret was never my favorite. She rarely made me laugh out loud. Also it's hard to get into someone who's two major emotions are indignant and horny.
  2. BJ
    But then again, as a feminist, this whole show is despicable. As far as I can remember, though, Honeycutt resisted the temptation to cheat on his wife, Peg, so bully for him!
  3. Trapper
    Trapper did not resist any temptations. But had great comic timing. I slightly prefer him as sidekick to Hawkeye.
  4. Frank Burns
    Like Margaret, there was a lot of indignation. But he was more physical about it. His gestures, faces, and voices were pretty genius, but he was a little embarrassing to watch.
  5. Klinger
    The cross-dressing provided endless opportunities for ironic salutes and sheepish generals. Was he a one-trick pony? Yes. They all kind of were. But their tricks worked together beautifully.
  6. Father Mulcahy
    Probably my favorite Christian ever. He was a good man. He had a kind, womanly voice. And he had to put up with a lot of shenanigans.
  7. Winchester
    I liked him as a foil to Hawkeye better than Burns. His Boston blue blood pseudo-intellectualism made him more of a fair opponent. And when he occasionally expressed real emotions, I cared.
  8. Colonel Potter
    He loved Sophie (his horse) and Mildred (his wife).
  9. Colonel Blake
    Another great physical comic performance. Blake was fully embodied. And usually caught in the middle. Hapless and happy. One of the saddest TV moments I've seen was when the whole gang learned (in the OR) that his helicopter was shot down while he was on his way home.
  10. Hawkeye
    The show was about him, and he held it together so well. With his red bathrobe, his still, and his wit.
  11. Radar
    Radar was a perfect character. He was innocence. A prescient sage. A man-child who witnessed the war for us.