I don't usually indulge in (public) displays of '80s nostalgia but, hey, they say write about what you know, so.
  1. The parents go away, and Alex throws a party, and some jocks come over with the rival team's mascot: a kangaroo!
  2. To everyone's surprise, Mallory does better than Alex on a big test.
  3. While performing a song on a PBS telethon, Elyse goes into labor. (And hits a really high note!)
  4. The family has to stage an intervention when Alex's desire for academic excellence leads to an addiction to uppers.
  5. Skippy is distraught when he finds out he was adopted.
  6. Did you see the TV movie, "Family Ties Vacation?" Alex spends a semester at Oxford and deals with a whole bunch of Anglo drama.
  7. Mallory wants to run away with Nick (Aaaaay!)
  8. Elyse punches one of Alex's teachers who is being a real condescending dick during parent-teacher night.
  9. Steven almost has an affair.
  10. Alex goes to the train station in the middle of the night to stop Ellen from getting on that train (and they get married in real life!)
  11. Elyse sings "In My Life" (first time I ever heard it) while a flashback reel plays, showing the Keaton family in many happy and memorable moments.