And yet somehow I still ate cold pizza for lunch
  1. Little gem lettuces from Crawford Family Farms
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  2. Sweet peppers from the Filipino produce lady
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  3. Strawberries for the kid from Jimenez
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  4. Organic steel cut oats from Rice & Beans
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  5. Eggs, from the chatty chicken guy
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  6. Stone fruits from the farmers who grow those 100-year-old oranges. We'll see!
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  7. Zucchini and summer squash city from my man Jimenez! Everything this guy grows is the best. Just buy it.
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  8. Green beans from the lady who usually supplies my okra. Sold out! The hubby will be disappointed, but the toddler will be thrilled. Get snapping, kiddo!
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  9. Three organic, totally unripe avocados
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  10. Fleurs 🌼🌷🌸
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