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I take photos of pretty random things, but is my selection random? I don't know.
  1. A butterfly visiting my flowerpots while I read in the sunshine - see the chunk missing from one wing.
  2. Taco in a bag and cheap white wine in the beer tent at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.
  3. A poster wall in Winnipeg. I obsessively photograph it every year when we're there.
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At the Victoria Bug Zoo, BC
  1. This tarantula's name is Aurora. Very soft and not scary; we were told not to pet her because tarantulas are fragile. I wanted badly to pet her but I didn't.
  2. This awesome stick insect climbed over my shoulder and down my back in about three strides. I like the long-legged bugs best.
  3. Not gonna lie, this millipede made me shudder. But I held it anyway because I'm super tough like that.
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I tried this a few weeks ago but did something wrong, so I deleted that one and replaced it. Newbie. Argh.
  1. I've published two books of poetry and a collection of short stories. I've had moderate success, with a couple shortlists, a couple prizes and generally good reviews.
  2. I'm finalizing another collection of short fiction with my publisher right now - hopefully it will be out next year.
  3. I have a day job doing communications and I'm grateful for paid sick days and vacation, though I'm also sometimes jealous of those writers whose spouses pay the bills so they can follow their dream.
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  1. Walking through the Michael O'Brien Wetland in Red Deer when this ginger charged up and threw himself at my feet, demanding love. The moment was only slightly ruined when he leapt to his feet, dashed into the shrubbery and emerged with a squeaking mouse in his mouth, which he proceeded to play catch and release with.
  2. We crossed the swinging bridge in Souris, MB on a drizzly day and met this damp, cranky cat - he was mewing with outraged self-pity because everyone in the parking lot was paying attention to a puppy. I gave him the attention he was due, and he was duly soothed.
  3. Sitting in a friend's rock garden, drinking French 75s and taking in the beauty of the evening, when this girl strolled into the centre of our world and insisted we take in the beauty of her. So we did.
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  1. Potato eyes, cut off then placed on a stool to photograph while supper prep was abandoned to others.
  2. A piece of squid so vibrant and colourful that I had to photograph it but couldn't eat it.
  3. Dryer lint that weirdly blew into the yard rather than into my lint trap, then got rained on.
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  1. Three-day-old day lily
    In my love's back yard
  2. Rusted trampoline
    In my parents' back yard
  3. Hinge on a bathroom stall door
    A bar in Toronto
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  1. Wedding tie through merlot
  2. All the lights, wine just out of the frame
  3. Candlelight on wineglass stem
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I love short stories. I love reading them and writing them. And I'm a sucker for the grab bag that is the themed anthology.
  1. Obvs, every Canadian short story writer has 20 Journey Prize anthologies on our shelves. They feature the best Canadian stories published in journals and magazines every year.
  2. I fell for the title. The stories range from little known writers from the '30s on up. Total fricking fun.
  3. Braaaaaainsss! Seriously, Canadian zombie fiction! Best idea ever.
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It's the day after opening night of my partner's play. We stayed up too late last night drinking champagne and talking to actors, techs, other playwrights and the director. Arts parties. Woo hoo and all that.
  1. Spoke passionate words of love to the London Fog with extra vanilla shot he brought me.
    I actually kissed the cup.
  2. Ate a breakfast sandwich in bed.
    I may have been mutter-singing "Hades Town" between bites.
  3. Bought eight mismatched brightly coloured water glasses at IKEA.
    I became wildly irritated with my boring old matchy glasses, which I've been carting around since 1984 because the damn things will not break.
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  1. Read the Edmonton Journal arts section
    I read the article about Bravo, a play written by my partner Blaine Newton, and got excited about preview night tonight.
  2. Ate see-through bacon in my room from a plastic coffee cup
    Brought to me by said wonderful partner.
  3. Read an HP Lovecraft short story
    See above photo - read while eating bacon.
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