At the Victoria Bug Zoo, BC
  1. This tarantula's name is Aurora. Very soft and not scary; we were told not to pet her because tarantulas are fragile. I wanted badly to pet her but I didn't.
  2. This awesome stick insect climbed over my shoulder and down my back in about three strides. I like the long-legged bugs best.
  3. Not gonna lie, this millipede made me shudder. But I held it anyway because I'm super tough like that.
  4. Is it possible to fall in love with a bug? I fell in love with this glorious leaf insect. Look at his side - there are holes where fellow leaf insects chewed him bc he looks that leafy (they have few nerves so buddy didn't feel it).
  5. Another leaf insect, also incredibly charming. She pitter pattered so daintily up my arm, I barely felt her.
  6. If I remember correctly, this is a catydid - more of those long spindly green legs I love so much.
  7. I might be mixing up the names from my list but I think this was a juvenile Malaysian jungle nymph. Best bug name ever.
  8. Pretty sure this was a preying mantis. Check out the devil eyes. But it was a lovely bug, friendly and with those great, long bug legs.
  9. And this was a Thorny Devil - also a great name and a pleasant bug to hold. I do like the vegetarian bugs.
  10. Yes, it's a scorpion. I had no fear of this, but feared the millipede because what does logic have to do with bugs? Scorpio is my astrological sign so I knew we'd be tight.