Photos I took that people find disgusting

I like them.
  1. Potato eyes, cut off then placed on a stool to photograph while supper prep was abandoned to others.
  2. A piece of squid so vibrant and colourful that I had to photograph it but couldn't eat it.
  3. Dryer lint that weirdly blew into the yard rather than into my lint trap, then got rained on.
  4. Bird shit on a sidewalk after a rain. Apparently I like things that have been rained on.
  5. "Cupping" the skin of my arm - it's a physiotherapy treatment, so much less sweet in appearance than it sounds on first hearing.
  6. Kissing frogs on a tombstone in a rural Manitoba cemetery.
  7. Deer shit in the fall. It was still there in the spring.
  8. A millipede. On my hand. I freely admit to finding this disgusting, too. The tarantula, cool. The scorpion, awesome. The millipede? Huge breath.