Random cats who've sought me out

  1. Walking through the Michael O'Brien Wetland in Red Deer when this ginger charged up and threw himself at my feet, demanding love. The moment was only slightly ruined when he leapt to his feet, dashed into the shrubbery and emerged with a squeaking mouse in his mouth, which he proceeded to play catch and release with.
  2. We crossed the swinging bridge in Souris, MB on a drizzly day and met this damp, cranky cat - he was mewing with outraged self-pity because everyone in the parking lot was paying attention to a puppy. I gave him the attention he was due, and he was duly soothed.
  3. Sitting in a friend's rock garden, drinking French 75s and taking in the beauty of the evening, when this girl strolled into the centre of our world and insisted we take in the beauty of her. So we did.
  4. This guy likes our yard better than his own. His name is Perkins but somehow I always accidentally call him Barkley. He answers to it. I think he wants to live with us.
  5. This cat is never seen out without his tie. I like that he dresses up before coming to my yard. His friend, a white cat, wears a red tie, but he prefers to visit down the street.
  6. Technically, I came to this cat ... We went to a friend's house to steal tomatoes while they were out of town, and their cat, Dreba, watched us longingly from the window.
  7. Creamsicle, my former neighbour, ran to meet me every time he saw me. I cried the night I moved away and had to say goodbye. Several years before, his owner told me that Creamsicle's name was Snowball. Hmph. No, it wasn't.