It's the day after opening night of my partner's play. We stayed up too late last night drinking champagne and talking to actors, techs, other playwrights and the director. Arts parties. Woo hoo and all that.
  1. Spoke passionate words of love to the London Fog with extra vanilla shot he brought me.
    I actually kissed the cup.
  2. Ate a breakfast sandwich in bed.
    I may have been mutter-singing "Hades Town" between bites.
  3. Bought eight mismatched brightly coloured water glasses at IKEA.
    I became wildly irritated with my boring old matchy glasses, which I've been carting around since 1984 because the damn things will not break.
  4. Bought a desk. A small desk, which I chose in about 17 seconds.
    Also at IKEA. How weird to be there on a weekday and not have hundreds of strangers butt-brush me every two seconds.
  5. Bought a small filing cabinet. Again, IKEA.
    These people should market to hung over customers who, apparently, feel the need to clean up/ organize their lives.
  6. Bought a shitload of chocolates.
    I hardly eat chocolate (my vice is grease). I give chocolate to coworkers who are having a bad day. Sometimes I randomly walk up to someone I like, offer them a chocolate and say "You have pleased me."
  7. Walked up to a strange woman who had awesome hair and told her she had awesome hair.
    This was in a bookstore - I did not spend the entire day in IKEA.
  8. High fived myself for not buying candles at IKEA.
    The candles there DO NOT LIQUIFY. So wrong. So very wrong.
  9. Came home and put on a huge man hoodie I bought at Value Village last year.
    It's so ugly, I bought it as a joke for someone - they laughed, then I stole it back because it's huge and makes me feel like I'm five and wearing one of my dad's big sweaters. And that's nice. Especially when you're mildly hung over.
  10. Chinese food.
    Malaysian seafood. Ginger beef. Chicken and anchovy rice. Salt and pepper calamari. #joy