Things I like better when they're breaking or dying

  1. Three-day-old day lily
    In my love's back yard
  2. Rusted trampoline
    In my parents' back yard
  3. Hinge on a bathroom stall door
    A bar in Toronto
  4. Another hinge from another bathroom stall door
    I go to a lot of bars
  5. Chewed leaf in a patio flowerpot
    My sunny patio
  6. Bird crap on a rainy sidewalk
    Downtown Red Deer, AB
  7. Lilac detritus in a spiderweb
    The southeast corner of my yard
  8. Rusted fire hydrant
    Old Strathcona, Edmonton, AB
  9. Smashed berries on a sidewalk
    Outside my love's house, surrounded by drunken birds
  10. Rusted trailer in the dark
    Behind the shed, away from the fire, after the funeral