Almost every summer for my entire childhood my family went to Europe. Sounds super amazing, right? Understand this: it was so we could visit every concentration camp. Every one. Happy summer to me!
  1. Aushwitz
    The Big Daddy. Up close gas chamber experience. My dad got all hyped up when the tour guide pointed to the "real human ash" still on the ground. Rooms full of shoes/eyeglasses/suitcases/hair/. Wanna make sure your kid really gets a visceral understanding of the destruction of their people? Take em here!
  2. Treblinka
    Classic annihilation camp. This one is hidden in a remote part of the Forrest in Poland. Isn't this where every American teen dreams of spending their summer break?
  3. Dachau
    This was the first concentration camp and the prototype for all others. Lots of "medical experiments" here. Excellent fodder for the recurring nightmare I have had for 25 years!
  4. Buchenwald
    This was where tons of jews were sent right after Kristallnacht. Lots of medical experiments here too! Dr. Mengele must have loved it here!
  5. Bergen-Belsen
    While this camp was a treat compared to the other (no gas chamber) there was still plenty of medical experiments and starvation. The first major camp to be liberated hooray!
  6. Terezin
    When there were no more concentration camps to see (there are so many) we moved on to holding/ transit centers. This was one of them. Weirdly grassy and verdant. Fake plumbing (sinks are just glued to the wall) so if the Red Cross ever popped by unexpectedly it looked not so bad.
  7. My girlfriends were obsessed with Johnny Depp and River Phoenix, I had an encyclopedic knowledge of Goebbels and Eichmann. I was a super chill teen! Even though I was born in L.A. in the 70's I may as well been freshly released from the Warsaw Ghetto. Related: I am super good at panic attacks!