If emotional eating were an Olympic sport I would have several gold medals. I don't understand how to feel an emotion without eating simultaneously.
  1. Rage eating
    You are very angry about something. Perfect time to shove half a challah in your face
  2. Happy eating
    Something amazing happened to you. Eat a huge bowl of pasta and get so full you actually find it hard to hear.
  3. Sad eating
    This is when a meal of french fries and a bag of skittles seems reasonable.
  4. Bored eating
    This is when grazing is the rule. Mindlessly eating peanut butter pretzels and picking at a 4 day old banana bread is the rule for this one.
  5. And finally, nervous eating
    I am chronically anxious so this is mostly where I live. Good foods for this include popcorn, mini snickers, pistachios that you have to de-shell and baby carrots.