1. She always has gift cards to Subway or Starbucks in her purse at all times to give to any homeless person she encounters
  2. She never told me I was too spazzy or talkative when I was a kid even though I really REALLY was.
  3. Let me do anything to my hair and let me wear whatever clothes I thought were cool. She didn't want to "interrupt my personal expression"
  4. Has dedicated her life's work to social justice.
  5. Went back to school at 50 to follow her true career dream.
  6. Very big on affection and telling me she loves me. Even though I know she is obsessed with me it's always nice to hear it.
  7. Took the best care of my grandmother until the minute she died. Treated her with such dignity and respect and taught me what honest true family love is.
  8. Loves my husband. It's annoying because she takes his side a lot. They talk on the phone for a very long time. She loves his spirit.
  9. I'm adopted and I never once in my whole life felt "given up" because my mom made me feel so wanted. She is exactly the mom I would pick for myself.
  10. Does science experiments and gardening and tons of other projects with my kid. All the stuff I know nothing about but my daughter loves.
  11. Makes the best unfried fried chicken on the planet