1. The Jinx
  2. What if Los Angeles becomes part of a caliphate
  3. Does my food taste weird YOU HAVE TO TAKE A BITE
  4. Point to various people in the restaurant and ask "Is that what I look like?"
  5. Why is (insert name here) so crazy?
  6. If I order this will you eat some of it because I can't commit to ordering this all by myself
  7. The waiter is being rude, right?
  8. Or conversely, the waiter is the best person I have ever met we have to tip him enormously
  9. I know tiramisu is dead and over but can we still get it
  10. I don't feel that "salt" should be an ice cream flavor
  11. Should I grow my hair out
  12. This valet is ridiculously overpriced
  13. Is Amal Clooney bitchy or just shy?