I went to the Barnes and Noble to get my kid some graphic novels. I walked out and BOOM Kelly Clarkson was performing. MAGIC CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT ✨🌈💯♥️
  2. She had a bedazzled mic and it was real sparkly in the sun
  3. She opened with "Since You've Been Gone" and I sang along very loudly
  4. It was very sunny and I was wearing a super uncool visor
  5. She dedicated "Mr Know It All" to anyone who has ever dated a jerk. She said she has dated lots of jerks but it's ok because she has made millions off the songs she wrote about them. People cheered real loud.
  6. Then she sang "Miss Independent" I didn't let the fact that I was wearing a sad mom visor stop me from ROCKING OUT HARD.
  7. Then she played her new single. No one really knew the words and you could just feel everyone wanting to yell "JUST PLAY BREAKAWAY ALREADY"
  8. Then she said it was getting too hot for her out here and she was only gonna play one more song
  9. She closed with her empowerment anthem "Stronger"
  10. A group of moms got ALL WORKED UP over the song and started jumping around like crazy. It must have struck a chord with them because they were losing their minds.
  11. I noticed a hot dad singing along to "Stronger" 😎😎😎
  12. Then Kelly said "God bless all you moms out there" and the group of moms really spazzed out
  13. And just like that it was over. The rest of my life shall now be categorized as pre and post surprise Kelly Clarkson concert at The Grove.