Remember a couple weeks ago my parents left for their trip to Japan? Well, they're back!
  1. We face timed a lot.
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  2. I picked them up from the airport
    When my parents saw me my mom got very excited and started jumping up and down. My dad pretended not to see me and looked over my head and said "WHERE'S LESLIE?"
  3. They both took Ambien on the plane
    And neither of them were able to fall asleep. They both seemed a teeny bit crazy
  4. We walked back to my car
    My dad was very excited I got such a good parking spot. "What a fantastic spot, Les!" he said.
  5. As soon as we got in the car, all they wanted to talk about was how amazing the toilets in Japan are.
    There had been some talk of this during our phone conversations, but once we were in the same space they really wanted to break it down. "The seats go up BY THEMSELVES! You don't have to touch anything! And it's not just the fancy hotels that have them! Even the public bathrooms which are SPOTLESS by the way."
  6. My dad told me to go In N Out IMMEDIATELY. "I need some goddamned American food!" It was 10am. He wanted a Double Double, fries and a chocolate shake.
    Not only was the In N Out open at 10am, it was PACKED. Like, the drive thru line was bananas so I ran in and the wait was almost half an hour.
  7. Cemeteries on cemeteries on cemeteries
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    My parents are sooooo into cemeteries that they visited some there. It's just so, so weird. "They are gorgeous!" my dad says.
  8. Tatami mats FTW
    "I am in LOVE with tatami mats!" said my mom. She wants at least one room in their house to feature the mats. "They are so much FUN!"
  9. Shoes
    Apparently there is a lot of putting on and taking off of shoes in Japan. "I love the cleanliness but it's a lot of on and off and it was enough already."
  10. Matcha tea
    Their entire lives have been changed and it is all due to matcha tea. They brought home a ton of it. "I feel terrific!" my mom said.
  11. Things did not go well with the couple they were traveling with
    The husband half of the couple was apparently a real nightmare. A big know it all and super embarrassing. The guide who was taking them around had to endure hearing how Encino compared to all of these amazing places in Japan and my parents were mortified. "If he said the word 'Encino' one more time I was going to kill him" my dad said. "Who gives a fuck about Encino??"
  12. They had the best time
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    My parents work really hard and do a lot of stuff for everyone but themselves a lot of the time. I am so happy they took 2 weeks away to do something really fun. I was surprised at how much I missed them and I am really glad they are home.