I hope it's ok to get political here. If you are gonna write terrible things to me because I believe women deserve access to safe healthcare just go on over to Twitter and get at me there. Everyone else is doing it!
  1. Immediately you will get literally hundreds of replies from anti-abortion extremists. It's like they just refresh over and over again waiting for any mention of Planned Parenthood
  2. You will be called a "classless trashy piece of shit"
  3. Someone will write "Of course you support Planned Parenthood you slut you use them all the time."
  4. People will tell you that you support slicing the heads off of babies. They will use pictures too.
  5. You will be told you are a racist Nazi sympathizer.
  6. You will be called a "typical Hollywood lefty" who needs to take a "good hard look at yourself and pray for forgiveness from Jesus Christ so you don't burn in hell"
  7. Lots and lots of "shame on you" and " YOU ARE A MONSTER"
  8. I can't even make this one up- grown adults making fun of my last name! Like "You really are living up to your last name" and "You are Gross, Man" and "God named you GROSSMAN because YOU ARE"
  9. Most of the people who write this hateful rhetoric to you have made up names like "Polar Vortex Soldier" and have cartoons as their avatar. If you are gonna come for me, at least use your real name. Put yourself out there like I have.
  10. People will put you on a list entitled "Condones racist murderers"
  11. The war on Planned Parenthood is real and it is frightening. Abortion is legal in this country. Women have a right to safe healthcare. Women have a right to control their own bodies, their destiny and their fate.
  12. I will get off my soapbox now :/