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We have all experienced it and have done it to someone. Both are not fun.
  1. Dumped after telling him I had gotten fired that day.
  2. Dumped on Valentine's Day.
  3. Dude disappeared. I told myself he must of died.
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I have never had a FB account but have trolled to see why the obsession for most people
  1. Mystery.
    Being mysterious is rare nowadays. People should not know what your doing or thinking every minute of the day. Keep them guessing.
  2. Write your own scenario with old high school friends.
    That skinny cool surfer is a fat corny guy in reality. In your head he is still skinny and surfing. That liberal radical chick is now a conservative Republican. In your head she is saving the rain forest. Trolling is depressing.
  3. Too many photos
    450 photos of your kids soccer game or infant grandchild is only interesting to you and a small group of people, not everyone.
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  1. Brush and floss teeth as long as you can stand
  2. Take a nude photo in the mirror under harsh lights
  3. Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
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  1. A random goat
  2. Hippies from the sixties. I cropped her she is totally nude.
  3. Ben and Jerry. My cats.
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No chick flicks, I despise them
  1. Pulp Fiction
    What IS in that briefcase?
  2. Made in Heaven
    Tom Petty, Neil Young have cameos
  3. Boyhood
    Filmed over 12 years, life experiences, aging
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