I have never had a FB account but have trolled to see why the obsession for most people
  1. Mystery.
    Being mysterious is rare nowadays. People should not know what your doing or thinking every minute of the day. Keep them guessing.
  2. Write your own scenario with old high school friends.
    That skinny cool surfer is a fat corny guy in reality. In your head he is still skinny and surfing. That liberal radical chick is now a conservative Republican. In your head she is saving the rain forest. Trolling is depressing.
  3. Too many photos
    450 photos of your kids soccer game or infant grandchild is only interesting to you and a small group of people, not everyone.
  4. Selfies
    How many pictures do we have to look at of you in your car? Has society become that narcissistic?
    Are we measuring our self worth with likes?
  6. Food pictures
    We have all seen food
  7. Political agenda
    It is none of my business who you vote for. I can't change your mind and vice versa. Political views should not voiced. Just pisses most people off.
  8. Religious beliefs
    This is such a personal matter. Keep it to yourself. Don't cram your beliefs down my throat. You will not change my mind.
  9. Public Breakups
    Breakups should be kept private. Yeah, mysery loves company but not that much.
  10. Friends
    Adding friends, deleting friends. Blocking friends. Isn't it like 7th grade all over again?
  11. Addiction
    A lot of people are seriously addicted to Facebook. It is like the Wal-Mart of the internet. They can't stay away. What happened to life observation? People watching? Life is in front of you. Look at it
  12. Data collecting
    Creepy. I don't like Big Brother watching I realize that happens online all the time but I have read FB is the worse.