When an Introvert Decides to Speak to the One He Likes.

I'm an audio guy, all around techy. I'm a musician, I love like a musician. She is a finance major.
  1. Step out of your comfort zone.
    The feeling of rejection is one of the worst feelings to receive from anyone. I typically will not compromise, I will stay in my comfort Zone because I know it. But for her I'll do it, so I did, and I was rejected. So in the end....was it worth it, if time would have given me the same answer.
  2. Be Bold, speak with her
    Boldness as an act of courage can be a very honorable thing. The only time boldness is not counted as courages is when you fail. When you go out and speak with the one you like, you would expect it to be a bold move worth clapping, especially when your an awkward introvert. But if she Says that no, that your waistline your and her time. That's when a bold move becomes a hasty move. And now your wrong in every sense. Only after you fail.
  3. Be honest
    The one thing I'm good at, turned out to be the one thing that changed us. Is honestly the best route.....
  4. Accept it and move
    It ain't easy being an introvert. It ain't easy being closed for that same reason. It ain't easy being a musician and loving with that fire. It ain't easy, so I'll accept that. And I'll take this route with my tail between my legs for a bit. I understand. Until I find someone else I'm willing to step out. And hope that rejection is not near. Till then I'll I'll lick my wounds and wait to heal.
  5. Thnx for the vent.