This is good weather specific! Between November-March all you should do is try to survive
  1. Find Lev, colloquially referred to as "The Coolest Guy In Boston, And Basically The Local Equivalent To A President"
    It's a long nickname but it works
  2. Harvard Square
    Specifically walk on Harvard Yard on a gorgeous day, swing in Raven used books, go to Bartley's and get a burger with onion rings and split a milkshake (even two people won't finish but it'll feel better)
  3. Fenway Park
    Go to a Red Sox game, drink before, bring in a little alcohol and (perhaps!) leave early if you aren't a baseball fan. On a gorgeous night it's the best, most Boston thing
  4. Central Square
    TT Bears is the secret gem, a weekend dance club with fair priced drinks, space to dance and talk, and actually the best. Also Lev lives here! All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman is also clutch.
  5. Davis Square
    Lots of great bars! Get dinner and or drinks at 5 Horses, Saloon (hidden with great whiskey) and get drinks and pie at Rosebuds. Go to the painted burro for upscale Mexican brunch the next day.
  6. Allston
    The Brooklyn of Boston, Allston has shows and tacos (lone star tacos and margaritas) but you can skip it too.
  7. North End
    Gorgeous cobblestone and amazing food and ambiance. Take a walk here at night and get a cannoli and an espresso, or walk around while killing time for an impossibly charming dinner. famous for Italian food, Ward 8 is modern upscale American food and drinks in the hood
  8. Tasty Burger Basement
    A wildly clutch chill "Plan B" on weekends Tasty Burger has an uncrowded cool basement bar with pool and leather chairs and late-served food (especially dope onion rings.) it's also our relaxed "Plan A" often enough.
  9. Seaport, ICA
    Go to the gorgeous seaport, drink over the ocean, see awesome art a the ICA
  10. Marvel at how balanced and cool and open Boston is compared to New York
    And remember you can visit whenever