1. Righteous complaining about other people's opinions rather than the actual scenarios or situations that are oppressive or bad.
    When people complain about people being less enlightened than them I usually hear it as "validate my intelligence and moral fortitude where there are no stakes." It's self aggrandize and smug to distance yourself like that, and it spares you the risk of having your own opinion.
  2. Annoyingly priced things
    A coffee shop has coffee refills for $1.07 and I hate it
  3. Passive aggression
    Complain to a third party, social media, or have a frank, respectful talk! Fuck off with the manipulative, unhelpful leaking of spite that is passive aggression. Seriously though; impassioned venting to a third party followed by a much cooler and kinder one-on-one talk is so much better
  4. People who cultivate personal brands
    Super uneasy with anyone who markets themselves as a product before they exist as a person
  5. Complaining
    Not to be confused with venting, which I love and think is healthy!! As such im cutting my list short