Please see my first Magic list for beginner information
  1. There are three main constructed formats in Magic: legacy, modern, and standard
  2. Legacy lets you use basically every card, with a few exceptions. Very high power levels
  3. Modern lets you use every card since ~2005 and the pool keeps growing. Also a high level but lower
    90% of the cards today are stronger than the ones from yesteryear. But that lingering 10% is hugely powerful and changes a ton
  4. Standard uses sets of the last two years and sets rotate out! This means the power level is lower and more flexible
  5. Modern and legacy are better investments long term but standard has most immediate variety
  6. Now there's the meta game
  7. At a competitive level, it's crucial to plan ~around~ other decks
  8. There are mutually agreed upon best decks and cards; but how do you invent or tweak or subvert?
    Innovation is crucial to surprising the opponent and fine-tuning your synergies and plan
  9. For example; the extremely popular, powerful and flexible Lightning Bolt
  10. It deals 3 damage to any creature or player for a single red mana. Elegant, flexible and powerful
  11. Because of it, creatures with four toughness are specifically at a premium
    Restoration Angel, Brimaz, King Of Zoster flourish as 3/4s.
  12. They pass the "lightning bolt test"
  13. A card you aren't even playing defines how you build a deck!
  14. Welcome to the meta-game. There is a ton of that.
  15. A very cheap but potent modern deck would be a budget delver deck