In order. Alternatively, just listen to Illmatic in order.
  1. "Put It Down"- Bun B ft. Drake
  2. "No Type (Remix)" - Lil Wayne
  3. "10 Jesus Pieces"- Rick Ross
  4. "The Joy"- Jay-Z ft Kanye
  5. "Lord Knows" Drake ft. Rick Ross
    A little pep needed here. Feel free to sub a pump up song
  6. "Energy"- Drake
  7. "10 Bands"- Drake
  8. "Gorgeous"- Kanye
  9. "The What" Biggie ft. method man
  10. "Warning"- Biggie
  11. "96 Freestyle"- Big L ft Jay-Z
  12. "Say what's real"- Drake
  13. "Pyramids"- Frank Ocean
  14. "Swim Good"- Frank Ocean
  15. "Single"- Lil Wayne
  16. "Bound 2"- Kanye West
    Best closing song