1. Full on performance
    In person monologue of rising fury or woeful misery is my exhale. I need this out, out, out! Full purge and to feel it fully in all it's power. Writing it out is good to
  2. Eat alone
    I have had some of the best meals of my life solo at 2:30/6:15 PM. Off hour meals are therapeutic
  3. Music and stalling
    Time heals all wounds. I waste it with Drake on. Soothing especially after smoking which is helpful but I didn't want to give it a whole unit
  4. Hanging with friends
    Be slightly off but don't talk about it because you're moving on
  5. Have a drink with friends
    Actually forget it now
  6. Duck out early
    Don't fight fire with fire! Moderation, not insanity will help. Dip out early.
  7. Texts
  8. Long shower
  9. Bed