They're all my favorites but she's one of my favorites. All said by her in order
  1. Is Elizabeth Warren running for president?
  2. Who's Hillary?
  3. Is she on the Barack Obama side or the Mitt Romney side?
  4. (Re: Obama side) good! I don't like Mitt Romney
  5. He's (gestures like "ehhhhhh)
    This is more charitable than her initial reaction which is adorable
  6. I don't like the other lady
  7. Sarah...
  8. Palin! Yeah! I hate her!
  9. (Covers her ears) she sounds dumb!
  10. I can't be president I'm just a kid
    When asked if she was going to run
  11. But I'd be smarter than the other Sarah
    Her name is also Sarah
  12. She's a doofus!
    I use doofus as a term of endearment or an acceptable insult the kids can call me and the kids adapt it
  13. Why isn't Elizabeth Warren running?