1. I bought a hot pepper for four cents.
    At Shaws. A single jalapeño by weight.
  2. Do you know how crazy that is?
  3. What can you buy for four cents?
    Nothing, that's what.
  4. Four cents means if I gave them a nickel, they'd have to give me change.
  5. If I offered four cents to a homeless man, it would be bewildering.
  6. Even putting four cents into a tip jar is more "throwing out coins as though it was the trash."
  7. And yet I got a hot pepper. A delicious, name brand one.
  8. It tied a delicious meal together with @lgw in a priceless way.
  9. And then it did AGAIN.
  10. Because we got two full uses out of a hot pepper we got for four cents.
  11. What a world.