Don't come at me, @bjnovak
  1. Lucille Bluth
    Unquestionably the GOAT, Lucille is the needed rapier against the broader material. She's unbelievably good
  2. Buster
    This is a controversial pick, but consider the difficulty and weirdness of his role; he was tasked with an unprecedented Norman Bates role; Gob is the classic money-role for a comic actors or perhaps Tabais: Tony Hale made something here
  3. Michael Bluth
    Another controversial pick for #2, Michael shines as a leading man or as a quietly terrible person both well on either viewing #1 or viewing #11. He only gets better with time
  4. GOB
    4!? Come on!!
  5. Tobias
    Over rated, but think of how poorly "closeted uncle" could've been as a character- he shone
  6. George
    Best as a tyrant, legitimately magnificent and scary as a subtly terrifying patriarch, especially when callous to, say, Gob. Less fun as a zany "whatever" plot-point
  7. Lindsey
    Off and on; most inconsistent bluth
  8. George-Michael should be #5
    Arguably better than Gob, but that's a tough argument made for contrarians.
  9. Oscar
    I liked him more than most
  10. Maebe
    If you put her above Lindsey and Oscar, I'll respect it. But that's the ceiling
  11. Annyong