I mean these lovingly
  1. Is Our Bacon Obsession Problematic?
    The most meme-inducing American food is taboo through every non Christian religion. Coincidence? Probably. But someone could really write a piece convincingly and get bacon clicks, outrage clicks, whatever.
  2. Are Almonds Kosher?
    If they take up water etc. Is Kosher about morality or just the letter of the law? Freebie for Jewish angst cliques and the smugly Jewishly-knowing
  3. Can I Be Done With The Ares-Poetica That Is Kanye West?
    I'm fatigued, public opinion! I like music and he hasn't had a musical album out since 2012!
  4. We Should All Be Communists, Or, At Least, Can I Have $50?
    How personal anxiety of millennials gets projected out to social posturing. (This is something I do a ton: I would betray all my morals and opinions so fast for a metaphorical hot meal)