What do you rep deeply for little to no reason?
  1. West Ham Soccer
    I once offered a British person my soccer loyalty in exchange for him being a Celtics and Red Sox fan. He betrayed me, switching to New York teams, but I keep my loyalties regardless.
  2. AKA, (South African rapper)
    AKA is in a rap beef with Caesper for best rapper in SA. I am disproportionately influential in South African rap Twitter so I was asked to weigh in. I chose AKA (who's better) and he followed me on Twitter. I continue repping.
  3. And here I am wearing a hotdog costume for free bc I'm loyal AF
    Suggested by   @ShawnKelly
  4. My cousin's food delivery business in Norfolk, VA, in which I am not an investor (but here I am in a cute tank)
    Suggested by   @ShawnKelly