1. Sculpin IPA
    It has the goldfish on it. Always
  2. Laguinatas IPA
    A well earned classic
  3. Stella
    Pairs well with spicy food, is always better than you think
  4. Rolling Rock from the bottle, very cold
    When you are smoking weed, this beer tastes like refreshing crisp water from heaven. Deeply empowering. Cool asthetic. Drunk alone, it's eh.
  5. Black and velvet
    A good switch from a plain Guiness when you're exhausted with beer
  6. Anchor Steam Holiday Beer
    So good, it's lighter than winter beers and refreshing and delicious
  7. Jack's Abbey
    Northeast Brewery, anything is good but especially "pretty things" and "kiwi beer (not with kiwis, it'd Australian.)