Shots fired
  1. Indian
    All time best food. I could eat Indian food only for the rest of my life and be very happy and very healthy
  2. Italian
    Same as above minus the healthy. Pizza is the obvious but wow; pasta? Cheese in general? Chicken parm? Classics.
  3. Mexican
    I feel weird putting it this high but I had a burrito so good yesterday it made doves cry. When it's good it's amazing and I think east coast means im deprived
  4. American
    We claim burgers, fried chicken, chili, barbecue, donuts, s'mores, onion rings, cotton candy and more than either of us remember.
  5. Japanese
    I'll probably get hell for putting it so low. West coast is stronger than I typically have so again a bias issue.
  6. French
    Oh go to hell you precious little snobs.