1. Gourmet dumpling house, Boston/Cambridge
    Everything, but focus on scallion pancakes, eggplant with basil, Schezuan fish (enormous, heads up) and, oddly, general gaos is a clutch addition to a group order
  2. Local 186, Provincetown
    The burgers are insanely good. Go with something elegant. Kobe beef, truffle aoli, smoked Gouda and raw onion is my play.
  3. In-n-out
    But you knew that
  4. Pepper Sky and/or Jitlada
    Pepper sky is in Cambridge and has a spicy Thai that is exactly what you want on a Boston winter. It's amazing. Jitlada is Jitlada.
  5. The eggo waffle @bjnovak let me have when I was 8
    Usually it's butter ~or~ syrup but Ben let me have both, and lots of them. Permanently delicious memory.
  6. Food quite a few family meals, including the cauliflower pasta our mom made before Yom Kippur.
  7. Steak tartar at central kitchen
  8. S'mores donut at Dunwell donuts, Brooklyn
  9. More as remembered