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  2. A name tag to wear on my Coast Guard uniform
    My husband, who was also in the Coast Guard, gave it to me on our wedding day. It was my something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It was old to him, new to me, it was only a loan, and it was blue.
    Suggested by @BlueRidgeGirl
  3. My Cats: Lola Mae and Tuxedo
    When @madeline and I were begging to get pets and my mom let us. Although, looking back, the gift might have been more for my mom than anyone.
    Suggested by @graham
  4. My dog Buffy
    I grew up as an only child and always wished I had another sibling. So, when I was 6 my parents got me a pup and I called her my sister. Made my days at home a lot less lonelier.
    Suggested by @em
  5. Sega Genesis
    Hannukah, 1992(ish)
    Suggested by @jesseno
  6. Memory Stick
    Asked my dad for flash drive for Christmas and he gave me a stick with the word "memory" taped to it just to watch disappointment wash over my face before handing me the real gift
    Suggested by @celine