1. "I'm a monster/ every day is Halloween."
    Sly and strange, this is my favorite Lil Wayne line from his best tape. But you get it, right?
  2. "Fuck going online, that ain't part of my day"
    Drake and could you imagine being so cool there's no time or urge to go online? Like you're just living?
  3. "They don't/ paint pictures/ they just/ trace me/ you know what?"
    Jay-Z; he was right and the flow is wild
  4. "By far I'm the best at all sex positions."
    Can't the rest of us just have ONE, Big Pun??
    Suggested by @gabe
  5. First class, sittin next to Vanna White.
    Nelly- Ride Wit Me. Pretty much my favourite hip hop name drop..... EVER.
    Suggested by @samantharonson
  6. Fifties in my pocket falling out like fucking baby teeth.
    Earl Sweatshirt.
    Suggested by @Wilson
  7. I see Euros, that's right: Plural/ I took so much change from this rap game it's your go
    Suggested by @lucas